4500 West Mitchell Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45232
Phone: 513-681-6800
Fax: 513-681-6855

Drafting Department

The Jacobs Mechanical drafting department was upgraded in 2016. We now have design stations operating on state of the art BIM software and AutoCAD 2016. This software allows us to take large and small jobs from design to fabrication to installation as efficiently as possible. Our AutoDesk based solids software allows for 3-D design of HVAC systems.

  • Computer stations operating Windows 10
  • All computer stations have AutoCAD 2017, AutoDesk based solids software, and BIM software capable of creating 3D HVAC system designs
  • Continually updated software enables us to be proactive in communicating with architects and engineers during the design phase of a project and have real time coordination
  • Capabilities of managing any size project from design to fabrication to installation
  • Downloading capabilities from drafting station to plasma cutter eliminates errors and substantially speeds end results

  • If you would like to learn more about our drafting department please contact Tim Buelterman: tbuelterman@jacobsmech.com

Shop Capabilities

  • A fully automated coil line capable of shearing blanks from 26 gage metal 60" wide to 16 gage 60" wide
  • Coil line also capable of producing ductwork that is TDF, S & Drive and insulated with stiffening rods to meet SMACNA standards
  • 10' shear capable of shearing up to 10 gage mild steel
  • 14' shear capable of shearing up to 3/16" mild steel
  • 8' press brake capable of bending 1/4" mild steel
  • Roll capable of rolling 5/16" mild steel
  • Plasma cutter capable of cutting 1" mild steel working in conjunction with CAM computer for downloading capabilities
  • Welding department with several certified welders managed by a full time AWS certified welding inspector

  • If you would like to learn more about our welding department please contact our shop foreman, Sean Lambert: slambert@jacobsmech.com

Field Department

  • Licensed in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana
  • All qualified with OSHA 10 and 30 hour credit
  • Balancing Department certified with NEBB
  • All field employees updated on safety requirements
  • Drug and Alcohol testing at pre-employment, random and post-accident levels
  • Experience in various types and sizes of construction fields such as commercial, industrial, institutional and health care ensuring no job is new to our expertise

  • If you would like to learn more about our field capabilities please contact Dane Verstrat: dverstrat@jacobsmech.com

Estimating Department

  • Computer stations with computer-generated format capabilities allowing for timely and accurate estimates
  • Fully integrated system allows project tracking for schedule purposes
  • Capable of comparison with drafting departments to match estimate to actual drafting

  • If you would like to learn more about our estimating department please contact Mike Vaughn: mvaughn@jacobsmech.com


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